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So I have started the slimfast diet so I have been taking in less carbs and calories. I replace two of my meals with the slimfast drink wich has 25 carbs so I still get to take insulin. But for some reason I keep on getting ketone but my blood sugars are fine! better then they were before i started my diet!! I get rid of the ketones one day but there back a day or two later. is there something im doing wrong or any advice on how to keep them away? I drink so much stuff trying to flush them out but nothing!! anything helps!


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I’m not 100% on this, but aren’t the slim fast meal replacements only supposed to replace 1 meal a day? What I would do is talk to your doctor. 

Does anyone have suggestions?


Most people worry about changing their pumps, but we worry about changing our insulin pumps on daylight savings.

When I was “talking” to this guy and considering dating him if things went well I remember telling him I was diabetic. He did what any person would do, say he was sorry I had diabetes and that if he could he’d trade places with me or take it away from me (via a cure.)

Last week at the football game when I talked to him again and he saw my pump he asked what I did and if I had heart problems. Clearly he didn’t remember my condition, therefore he didn’t care in the first place.

I mean I already knew this but to have it confirmed hurts. No one cares about diabetics enough. Diabetes isn’t cancer. No one truly means it when they tell me they’re sorry, wish they could trade places with me, or wish there was a cure.

While on the topic of living in the dorms with diabetes… I know it sounds pretty basic, but be sure to have plenty of juices/glucose tabs/snacks etc in your room at all times! I happened to have a lot of night lows, and since none of the food places on my campus are open 24hrs, it’d be very helpful to keep something in your room at all times to help with night lows.

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College question - I had a roommate for a while at school and never had a problem with it - Just let your RA and roommate know about it and what to look for, especially if you’re going to partying harrrrd (which you should!) Best times ever!

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hi, in response to the dorming / diabetes post..

I just finished my first year of staying in halls at uni and I had similar worries to you.. but everything turned out fine and dandy :)

I got a mini fridge put into my room by the uni to store my insulin / juice for hypos etc. Definitely ask about this, even if they can’t provide one for you they *should* let you have one in your room even if it’s against normal uni regulations (as it was with my uni) - because you need that stuff safe and there at all times!

Secondly, I had a really lovely bunch of people staying in my flat so I was lucky in that respect, and I’m also very open about my diabetes. In my opinion, it’s better to get it out there .. although obviously it isnt something that comes into normal conversation. When I meet new people and want them to now, but I don’t want to start up the conversation, I usually just whip out my insulin pen at meal time or test my sugars in front of them .. the questions will follow! (Or if they don’t when they look at you you can always just say, ‘oh don’t worry, I’m diabetic I’m just injecting for my meal / testing my sugars) etc. Like I said, I’m open about my diabetes though I know it’s harder for others. From my experience though people are very understanding and it was nice and reassuring to know that the people in the flat knew about my condition - it was one less thing to worry about while settling in and moving away from home.

Sorry if that was a bit rambly but hope it helped in some way. Feel free to put a message in my ask box if you have any questions :) 

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Hi! My good friend and type 1 diabetic of over 33 years, Doug, is currently running across the country (from San Francisco to New York) to raise awareness for diabetes and to promote health. I was wondering if you’d be kind enough to post a link to our facebook and twitter pages. We draw support through those pages (donations and people offering us places to stay for the night). It would help a great deal! facebook - 1runamerica, twitter - @1RunAmerica

regarding youlookhaute’s question about the pump, here’s my pump! I have the Animas/OneTouch Ping, and it’s basically the size of my palm. I used to have the Animas IR1200, and it looked nearly exactly the same, except in a different color. :)

regarding youlookhaute’s question about the pump, here’s my pump! I have the Animas/OneTouch Ping, and it’s basically the size of my palm. I used to have the Animas IR1200, and it looked nearly exactly the same, except in a different color. :)

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Submitted by: octopusophut

  • Convo with me and my dad today.
  • Dad: what should I do if I hit the lotto?
  • Me: buy me a new pancreas & immune system
  • Dad: if I could buy that I’d sell everything I own & get it now lotto or not. <3
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