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I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the early stages of diabetic neuropathy? Aka nerve damage due to sugar sitting in the blood. What can I do to fix it? Is it reversible? If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated! - Nicole

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I can’t give you a really good answer here, I’m afriad, however I can offer you some websites that might be able to help??? (and anyone else for that matter)

I’ve not read through any of these so i apologise in advance if they bring no help for you. The basic jisk I’ve got from reading introductory parts is that Neuropathy is currently unreversable but theerre are means to treat it and prevent it from going further than it already has


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To the anon that feels shaky during yoga, maybe you just need more energy before you take the class. It may sound weird, but when I'm hungry, I feel low and shaky even if my blood sugar is good. Try a granola bar or something before class, maybe that'll help.

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Eating something small is a good idea! I would definitely try to keep it to something light just because it may not sit well in your stomach while doing some of the poses that are upside down (if you do poses like that in your class). My professor has told us that she has had people run to the bathroom because they ate some heavy things before class and it didn’t sit well with them.

If you do end up eating something before class and you don’t feel good, always remember that you can go into childs pose to see if it passes.  I’ve had to do it myself sometimes and it really does help!


I take yoga at school and lately in the middle of yoga class i start to feel really weak and dizzy and shaky but when i check my sugar it isnt really bad (im t1) does anyone know what could be going on?

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I actually took yoga last semester for a college class and I loved it! I felt that way too sometimes. I thought it was just my blood sugar dropping low, but it was just me. When you practice, are you coming out of the poses fast? There were a few poses where I came out of fast and all the blood was rushing back to my head (especially with the first few actual practices) and i felt light headed and weak. Maybe try slowing that down and see if it helps.

 Does anyone else have any ideas?


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hello! i am new to the tumblr world, and i was hoping for some guidance. i chose to join tumblr because i would love to interact with other diabetics to soak up any advice they might be able to impart and hopefully even give some tidbits of knowledge of my own. being new to this, i have no clue as to how to gain followers. is there anything you would suggest on how to gain followers and meet others with diabetes? thank you for any help, it is very much appreciated! :)

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Whilst I can’t garuntee it would work, checking the #diabetes and #actuallydiabetic tag might help you find fellow diabetics you can interact with

whilst I can’t gruntee they will follow back, it can be a start of something and help you to find other fellow tumblrbetics through that as we all tend to follow each other in some form. 

I hope this helps you!!! uvu


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Any age really, but I'm mostly looking for under 25. To clarify the emergency care, I meant any knowledge pertaining to what to do in the case of low or high blood sugars, unconsciousness, etc. Even something such as a friend knowing to give sugary foods or glucose tablets in the case of a low blood sugar. Really anything would help, thanks so much!

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okay! Guys do share any stories you have with them!!! uvu


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Hello fellow tumblrbetics, I'm writing an oration on how more people, specifically younger people, should know emergency care, so if anybody has any stories relating to that, for example, if a person knowing emergency care has helped you in a diabetic-related emergency, please please please message me about it or post it on this blog! thanks so much

My reply:

a few questions about this before hand, what specific age group are you covering here???

Whislt I class myself as a young person (being 20 years old) I don’t know if you mean teenagers alone or anyone below, say 25. 

and what would count as emergancy care?? Ambulance visits? A&E?? Just stuff such as that. I’m sorry about all the questions.


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Do any of my diabetic and/or vegan homies know where to get glucose tabs that are definitely vegan? The ones I got from Walmart were made with carmine, so I stopped getting them a long time ago. The ones I get from Target are made with magnesium stearate, which is one of those annoying ingredients that “may or may not be derived from animal sources.” 

Reposting this because I still haven’t really figured anything out. Can anyone help?

Do you think a pump is better than using pens? I've been type 1 diabetic for eight years and have been on pens for just as long, and I'm starting to look into pumps... What would your recommendation be?

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I personally love the pump and I’m so glad that I switched to it! It is a bit annoying to always have something constantly attached to you, but I find it much more convenient than using pens/shots. Plus, most pumps have a lot of awesome features that are really helpful, such as bolus calculations (you put in how many carbs you’re going to eat and it calculates how much insulin you need). I hope that helps!

~ Hannah F. 

It has just come to my attention on my personal blog that there are some blogs that have been popping up around Tumblr that promote Diabulima. If you are easily triggered by anything, have an eating disorder or anything of the like, I strongly advise you to avoid these blogs, blacklist them or to not go through the tags. This is seriously not okay because diabulima is serious. It can be/is very triggering for some people. From my understanding, the blogs are tagging thinspo/pro anna with this as well. They also have developed a new name for it as well called diamia.

If at all possible, avoid these blogs and tags. I don’t want any of our lovely followers getting hurt because of this <3.










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